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Riders with special needs and families who spend time with us say that being involved with SERT is something special in their lives. Each PATH-certified SERT instructor gives every student an experience that breaks down barriers to growth and learning. 

Children with Special Needs 

SERT instructors work with a wide range of disabilities. Safety remains the top priority, as instructors and volunteers stay attuned to every rider's needs. Some areas where breakthroughs can happen include:

Cognitive: Therapeutic horseback riding can increase the attention span of a special needs rider. It can also improve speech and other communication skills, and enhance intellectual abilities.

Physical: Riding can improve balance, stability, muscle strength and coordination.

Emotional: Riding can enhance self-control. The bond that forms between every rider with special needs and his or her SERT horse can assist a child's overall development.

Horsemanship provides riders with the opportunity to practice skills that they need to face fears, communicate feelings, and access strengths. Learning becomes fun! 

Toddlers - 2-4 Year-old Special Needs Children

SERT is delighted to offer My Pony and Me, a non-riding program that accommodates various levels of mobility.

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