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2016 Pledge Ride Challenge

Supporting SERT Therapy Horses

Congratulations to all the students that successfully completed the 2016 Pledge Ride Challenge. The riders had lots of fun working their way around the course. The pictures in this article are worth a thousand words.

Thank you to the wonderful folks who donated to the Jenise Feber Equine Medical Fund which supports the medical and dietary needs of the SERT horses. A special thank you to Wells Fargo Bank, who donated plush ponies named after Nellie, a legendary horse who along with her driver helped save a soldier's life in 1898. She is the 16th in a series of stuffed animals honoring Wells Fargo horses from the past. A very fitting gift that all the riders were delighted to receive.

There is still time to contribute to this year's Jenise Feber Equine Medical Fund. Go to the Annual Pledge Ride page and click on the donate button, it's that easy.

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